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Dr. Kallen travels in an SUV with everything she needs. She utilizes the services of a Veterinary technician for appointments that require additional assistance. Dr. Kallen works closely with many local Veterinary Hospitals referring patients for spaying and neutering. 

Wellness Exams

Annual physical exams play a vital part in maintaining a happy and healthy long life for your pet.



Dog vaccines- DHLPP, Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Lyme, Rabies 1 and 3 year

Cat vaccines- FVRCP, FELV, Rabies 1 and 3 year


Lab Tests




Geriatric Blood screenings

Microchipping is an important way to identify and locate a missing pet.
Pet Sitting
Reliable In home pet care while your away
Prescription and Natural Pet foods
We deliver pet food to your home
Animal Reiki

Mother and daughter team, Beverly Hope and Shana Kallen, DVM have been working together offering natural healing modalities for many years. Animal Reiki sessions are for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing. .


Nutrition Counseling
Proper nutrition plays an important role in a long and healthy life for your dog and cat

Parasite Control
Health Products
Dental Care Products, Joint Supplements, Ear cleaners, Shampoos, Heartworm Preventatives, Flea and Tick Preventatives
Pain Management
Pain relief reduces stress


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