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Mobile House Call Veterinarian Bucks County
Shana Kallen DVM started Healing Pets Mobile Vet as an innovative way to see pets without the stress of a clinic setting. Our emphasis is placed on providing convenient Veterinary care in the comforts of your home. Dr. Kallen focuses on wellness and preventative medicine, keeping pets happy and healthy throughout their lifestages. She is committed to educating clients in how to keep pets healthy year round, with good nutrition and exercise. Pets and their owners are more relaxed at home. Dr. Kallen believes that by evaluating your pet in its natural environment it is possible to obtain a more accurate diagnosis and treat health problems earlier. A thorough physical exam is the key to health and longevity. Healing Pets Mobile Vet provides services to the Central Bucks County area. Dr. Kallen has many years of experience working in Bucks County delivering high quality and compassionate Veterinary care to thousands of pets. 
Healing Pets Mobile Vet is available to come to your home, to help with the care of puppies and kittens, newly adopted pets, litters, healthy adults and those who may be sick or injured. A Veterinary Housecall offers many conveniences that a traditional Veterinary hospital cannot. A housecall makes sense for many owners. Business professionals with precious time constraints, busy moms juggling young children and their pets, seniors, arthritic pets who have trouble getting in the car and multiple pet households are some examples.  Each patient is alloted generous time and individual attention. One hundred percent of your time is spent with the vet. There are no waiting rooms or stressful car rides to the vet.  

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